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8kw 5tph Ss FRP Ultrafiltration Membrane System

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8kw 5tph Ss FRP Ultrafiltration Membrane System

Detailed Product Description
Salt Rejection Rate:: 99.0% Certification:: CE
Capacity:: 45tph Motor Power: 8kw
HS Code: 8421219990 Productivity: 2t/H
High Light:

FRP Ultrafiltration Membrane System


5tph Ultrafiltration Membrane System


8kw Ultrafiltration Water System

SS Or FRP Ultrafiltration Membrane System / 5TPH Ultrafiltration Water System


1.UF's main attraction is its ability to purify, separate, and concentrate target macromolecules in continuous systems. UF does this by pressurizing the solution flow.


2.Ultrafiltration is used as a pre-treatment step in reverse osmosis processes to produce potable drinking water.


3.Ultrafiltration is a purification, separation or concentration of semipermeable membrane in separation techniques for solution. After more than 20 years rapid development, it has become one of the widest techniques in membrane separation field. It widely uses in food and beverage, chemical electron, biological construction for environmental protection, etc.


4.Ultrafiltration membrane is the anisomerous semipermeable membrane made of macro molecule material as the separation method without phase transition for solution, and can remove particles whose molecule weight ranges 1,500~100,000 Dalton,and can effectively remove organic,bacterium,virus,colloid and non-ion suspended solid.


2.Brief flow chat

Raw Water →Raw water supply pump→ Multimedium filter→ Activated carbon filter→ softener→Micro filter→High-pressure pump→ UF→ pure water tank



3 .Advantages:

1. Good quality.

2. 98% Recovery Rate.

3. Low Operation Cost.

4. Realiable and Stable.

5. Easily Control and Maintained.

6. ECO product.

7.Low power consumption, can operate in normal temperature and low pressure

8.Small size,simple structure,low investment

9.The processing in only liquid transpotation by pressure, so the flow chat is simple and easy to operate and mamage.

10. Treatment capacity can be 1-100 ton per hour.




1.Drinking water disinfection(including removal of viruses)

2.Clarifying and eliminating bacterial for mineral water

3.Water treatment for medicine

4.Laboratory grade water purification

5.Pre-treatment of large water treatment equipment

6.Terminal treatment of ultra-pure water for electronic industry

7.Pouring in water treatment for extremely low permeable wells in oil field

8.Treatment of industrial waste water and reclamation of usable water.

9.Pure and ultrapure water equipment,

10.No bacterium no heat raw water equipment for pharmacy,

11.Purification for beverage, drinking water and mineral water,

12.Separation, concentration and purification in industry

13.Wastewater treatment, electrophoretic coating, electroplating, oil wastewater treatment, etc

45T/H Water Treatment RO Plant Product description

a . Continuously water purifing , without generation , lower labor intensity .
b . 97%-99% desalination with original import reverse osmosis membrane ,
c . 98% organic mater and bacteria wiped off , over 98 heat source ,
d . Online conductivity monitoring , ensure good effluent .
e . PLC microcomputer monitoring , timing flush reverse osmosis membrane to ensure high quality purified water

Items Permissible Value Probably Consequence of Excessive Standard Improvement Suggestions
Suspended solids Tubidity <1NTU Sludge ,colloid pollution Flocculation and filtration
SDI15 <5
Metal oxides Fe ( mg/L) <0.05 Iron Pollution Oxidation
Mn (mg/L) <0.05
Scale forming matter CaCO3 LSI<0 Concentrated water side does not permit scaling Decrease recovery rate , PH value , or add scale inhibitor
Other insoluble salt /
Organics Oil 0 Organics and oil Air
TOC (mg/L) <10 Organics pollution Activated carbon adsorption , filtration
CODcr (mg/L) <10
BOD5 (mg/L) <5
Si (mg/L) <20 Colloid pollution  
PH 3-10 Too low or too high PH will accelerate the aging speed of membrane Regulation of Acid-base
Temperature 5-45°C Low temperature will easily produce scaling of undissolved salt High temperature will accelerate the aging speed of membrane Heat exhanger
Oxidizer Residual chlorine (mg/L) <0.1 Membrane system will be oxidized Reductant or aclivated carbon adsorption
Ozone and others 0  

45T/H Water Treatment RO Plant pictures:

Machine Part :

Multi-media filter

The multi-media filter is widely used in drinking water treatment to remove different types of particles, such as suspended solids (turbidity), colloidal compounds and etc, ensuring the filtered water's TDS is less than 5. This process will reduce the load on the back-end fine filters.

Active Carbon filter

The active-carbon filter is the key device, commonly used for removal of organic substance and
heavy metal element, suspended solids, residual chlorine and etc. It can effectively reduce the level of COD and improve the taste of water. The system is a pressure filter. In the filter, the quartz and Coconut shell active carbon bed are employed. The activated carbon is equipped with vent valving at the highest point and a drain connection at the lowest point. The internal systems and components for each tank is constructed of frp material.

Water softener filter

Ion exchange resin is used in water softening system for Ca+,Mg+ and other cation exchange . To prevent undissolved salt from depositing in the surface of reverse osmosis membrane ,the resin which ensures well permeable ability of membrane module after it works a long time and extends lifetime of membranes , enhances quality stability of ro purified water . Water softener is vertical structure which use frp material , produced as vessel standard, designed pressure for 8kg/cm2 that valve is used for full-automatic salt regeneration .

Security filter ( Cartridge Filters)

The security filter is most commonly used for treat water. The whole system adopts one set of stainless filter. There are 3 pieces of polypropylene in every 5μ filter cartridges, filtering the vast majority of particles in the water, which eases the load of RO membrane. This process of filtration benefits to the filter cartridge and prolongs its lifetime in the system.
This apparatus contains filtration component and stainless support layers. The support layer is made of stainless steel 304, with the advantages of compact structure, beautiful shape, high flux, good filtration accuracy and etc. This apparatus is fitted with air drain valve and bottom air drain valve and side drain valve.

Reverse Osmosis Modules( RO)

RO system is key part for the water treatment system, which is widely used to make the pure water and drinking water. RO membrane removes many types of large molecules and ions from solutions by applying pressure to the solution when it is on one side of a selective membrane. The result is that the solute such as iron, Virus, bacteria and solids is retained on the pressurized side of the membrane and the pure solvent is allowed to pass to the other side.

Packing and shipping
Packed in carton case and wooden box.
Delivery: Negotiation

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